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The mission of the Germantown East Neighborhood Association (GENA) is to create and maintain a caring, informed community that builds positive relationships among neighbors, promotes safety and security, serves as a unified voice on issues affecting GENA, and promotes issues that protect and improve property values in the neighborhood
                       Gena Board of Directors
Mark Jordan, David Jackson, Dee Zimmer, Mary Ann Christoffersen, Chalmer Landis, Kasie Jordan

Becoming a member of Germantown East Neighborhood Homeowners Association offers many benefits
You have a voice / vote in matters that is going on in your neighborhood 
You are invited to all the social gathering sponsored by GENA  

Easter Egg Hunt in the Park
4th Of July Parade 
Barbeque in the Park
Halloween Party
Santa’s Christmas Eve Drive – Through the Neighborhood

 With all this you can visit and socialize with your neighbors
 Neighborhood newsletter - e-mails - web site     
 You become eligible to win GENA sponsored contest that 
  are held periodically
 Yard of the Month, Holiday lighting awards

 All This For A Small Association Fee of $20.00 per year    
Germantown East is a great neighborhood for families. 

                              Block 1 Ole Pike - North                     Mary Ann Christoffersen         901-755-4608
                              Block 2 Ole Pike - South                        Glenda Mosteller                 901-757-5206
                              Block 3 Mossy Creek                             Chris Peeples                      901-413-8487
                              Block 4 Cane Creek Drive                      Clyde Regel                        901-754-8063
                              Block 5 Beaverwood To Honey Tree     Janet Caughley                   901-755-2837
                              Block 6 Poplar Pike                                Shirley & Clinton Hardin     901-758-2540
                              Block 7 Honey Tree/Honey Tree Cove   Evelyn Ward                      901-751-8165
                              Block 8 Honey Tree/Stone Creek           Justin Mitchel                     901-494-0159 
                              Block 9 Honey Tree/Honey Hill Cove     Mary Jo O'Neal                  901-755-2441
                              Block 10 Honey Tree South                    Jerry  Young                      901-756-7383
                              Block 11 Grand Oak                               Dee Zimmer                       901-753-2513
                              Block 12 Sandy Creek South                  Dee Zimmer                      901-759-2513
                              Block 13 Sandy Creek North                  Chalmer Landis                 901-487-9339
                              Block 14 Shady Creek/Crooked Oak     Steve & Terri Landwehr     901-737-5813
                              Block 15 Misty Creek                            Laura Bauman                    901-756-7079       
                              Block 16 Old Elm/Old Elm Cove            Bonnie Blair                       901-752-0328
                              Block 17 Old Elm South                         Ellen Catanzaro                 901-753-1597
                              Block 18 Meadow Wood/Wood Briar     Tom & Sherry Lamb           901-757-2509
                              Block 19 Burrows Farm/Talmage          Andrea Lum                        901-210-0230
                              Block 20 Everwood Cove                       Linda Seager                     901-758-2179  

  Block Captains