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Please contact us if you'd like to Join GENA, Volunteer to help, or to provide feedback.  

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About Us
Germantown East Neighborhood Association (GENA) Mission Statement:

GENA is devoted to creating and maintaining a caring, informed community that builds positive relationships among neighbors, promotes safety and security, serves as a unified voice on issues affecting GENA, and promotes issues that protect and improve property values in the neighborhood.
Block 1 - Ole Pike - North                          Currently looking for Volunteer

Block 2 - Ole Pike - South                       

Block 3 - Mossy Creek                                                

Block 4 - Cane Creek Drive                        Currently looking for Volunteer

Block 5 - Beaverwood To Honey Tree                           

Block 6 - Poplar Pike                                         

Block 7 - Honey Tree/Honey Tree Cove                

Block 8 - Honey Tree/Stone Creek             Currently Looking for a Volunteer

Block 9 - Honey Tree/Honey Hill Cove                  TBA

Block 10 - Honey Tree South                    Currently looking for a Volunteer

Block 11 - Grand Oak                               Currently looking for a Volunteer 

Block 12 - Sandy Creek South                  Currently looking for a Volunteer 

Block 13 - Sandy Creek North                  Currently looking for a Volunteer

Block 14 - Shady Creek/Crooked Oak                                 

Block 15 - Misty Creek                                                

Block 16 - Old Elm/Old Elm Cove           Currently looking for a Volunteer

Block 17 - Old Elm South                                           

Block 18 - Meadow Wood/Wood Briar                               

Block 19 - Burrows Farm/Talmage            

Block 20 - Everwood Cove                         Currently looking for a Volunteer 

2022  GENA Block Captains  
GENA Board of Directors 2022

Chris Basham - President
Wesley Penn-Treasurer
Lora Strauss-Social Chairman
Megan Hubbard-Block Captain Coordinator
Michelle Raby - Secretary
David Jackson-Special Advisor ​