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Germantown East Neighborhood Association (GENA)

Our neighborhood, Germantown East, is thriving and it is home to Germantown's finest residents and we are so glad you joined us!  Property values are rapidly increasing due to the amazing families that make up our great neighborhood!

What is GENA?
GENA is the abbreviation for Germantown East Neighborhood Association.  GENA is composed of residents of Germantown East, Burrows Farm, Old Pike Woods, and Forest Glen Subdivisions in Germantown, TN.  The residents of these neighborhoods decided many years ago that the best way to keep their neighborhoods safe, valuable, and to stay connected with their neighbors and the Germantown, TN city leaders was to form a neighborhood association. 

Who can join GENA?
Residents of Germantown East, Burrows Farm, Old Pike Woods, and Forrest Glen subdivisions in Germantown, Tennessee.

How much are GENA dues?
Only $40 per year!  Thats right, ONLY $40 per year! You can't beat it!

Why should I join GENA?
Becoming a member of Germantown East Neighborhood Homeowners Association (GENA) is the best way to take ownership in the future of the neighborhood you live, work, and play in!  Joining is easy, very inexpensive ($40.00 year), and your GENA membership offers many benefits such as the GENA newsletter to keep you up-to-date with current events, voting on matters that are going on in your neighborhood, getting involved to help keep the neighborhood one that you are proud to call home, a say in protecting and improving GENA property values, the ability to meet and socialize new neighbors and to get to know your existing neighbors even better through GENA organized events and functions, Yard of the Month contest, and best of all you are invited to join us for all of the annual GENA functions!

Annual Functions for GENA Members:
  • Yard of the Month
  • Easter Egg Hunt in the Park
  • 4th of July Parade
  • Octoberfest / Brewfest*  
  • Santa’s will be visiting December 16th.   More info in upcoming events 

​Future Events:
  • Neighborhood Yard Sale
  • BBQ in the Park
  • Halloween/Harvest Party​

*GENA dues/funds are NEVER used to purchase alcohol under any circumstances.

How do I join GENA?
Complete the GENA membership form on the newsletter page.  Send the completed membership form with your $40.00 check or money order payment or Venmo @gena38138 to GENA at 2915  Ole Pike Drive, Germantown, Tennessee 38138.  Please email us at genaboard@yahoo.com if you need assistance joining.  Thanks for joining GENA!
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Now that you have moved into the neighborhood, it is time to join GENA and get connected with your new neighbors and friends.  GENA is committed, with your help, to keeping this fine neighborhood one that you'll be proud to call home for many generations.